At Ernsdorf Design we cast handmade concrete furniture and forms. We are located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

We offer design and production services for concrete counter tops and sinks, tile, garden seating, fire bowls and tables, planters and fountains.


Cast-in-Place Concrete Model

Peter Zumthor Reconsiders LACMA

Ernsdorf Design was recently commissioned by LACMA to produce the cast-in-place concrete model for Peter Zumthor’s proposed new gallery building.


Concrete Fire Bowls

Concrete Half Moon Fire Bowl in Light Sand color

Pictured here is our Half Moon Fire Bowl in Light Sand color with an assortment of Charcoal colored Fire Spheres.

We make custom handmade concrete Fire Bowls in many colors, shapes and sizes.

The bowls can be used to burn wood, propane or natural gas.


Concrete Fire Tables

Pictured here is our Stone Etched Cantilevered Fire Table

Fire Tables provide an outdoor hearth to gather around for warmth, libations and merriment.

We can design for you a Fire Table that meets your desire, or fabricate a design of your own.


Concrete Sinks

Concrete Elliptical Basin Trough Sink

Pictured here is our Elliptical Basin Trough Sink in Light Ocher color.

We make handmade concrete sinks in nearly any color and shape.


Concrete Counter Tops

Concrete Counter Tops

Pictured here are Slate Blue Concrete Counters for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Beverly Hills, California.

Concrete Counter Tops offer many design possibilities. From color to finish to texture concrete is versatile, beautiful and long lasting.

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